The Happy Life of Happy !!!

Hello Ms. Bourgoin, I hope you and your doggies are doing well. You told me that you will enjoy receiving news and some pictures of your puppies. Here is below the pictures of the first 48 hours of our little "Happy" I sent its to my family and so I share with you too! Everything went very well for her long journey, she arrived rather in great shape in Guadeloupe despite a long trip in a box for 12 hours (flight delay 2 hours takeoff, bad luck ...) , just stressed, and I am surprised she has adapted so quickly without "flinching" to her new environment and the new conditions of life with us - and jet lag - in 2-3 days have followed his arrival iat home. In short, a "happy" life that looks for her :-))) Thank you again for your care taken with her and hope to see you soon ... Arnaud MANGIAVACCA

Some news of our little Altesse

Hello, As promised I send you pictures of Haltesse. This is a lovely little dog full of life that gives us a huge happiness. Sincerely, Constantine family.

Say hello to our beautiful Hortense

Hello Evelyne, I hope everything is fine for you. Hortense was five months last week. It is great. She is very balanced, joyful, smart, easy to manage and gorgeous. She continues to love gardening!, But overall she does not make a lot of silly things. She eats, "like all Labradors "in two minutes. Once this occurs, I will make pictures of her during a walk in the woods. We've already been walking twice (45 '!), And she loves it. Every morning, she goes to turn the small park near my home, and she is very sociable with other dogs. Well, it is great and we are very happy to have her on our sides. See you soon. Martin.

Hailey and his first snow !!

Hello Mrs. Bourgoin How are you ? Hailey is going very well. Yesterday he saw his first snow, he ran like crazy dog inside and he thought that it is also something to eat, I have had to be careful, otherwise he would have had a stomach ache. He is very obedient and clever, now he has 3 months old and has acquired already seated, go away and stay. Every day I go 20 minutes with him in the forest, it is a great pleasure to work with him, but we do it very softly, not brutally, he is still a puppy. It's a great love. (my love) Bye for now, Warmest regards, Christiane