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Milkshake de la Tour Farmina

(Ch Tissura Napoleon For Farmina & Gloria de la Tour Farmina)


Mystic Dyana'Lys Best of Discovery

(Mallorn's Roque's Gallery & Mallorn's Sea Shell)

****** Chocolate and black puppies for August 18, ******

We only breed Labradors

All our stud dogs and bitches are duly registered on the French stud book (LOF) and originate from the best European bloodlines.

They have all been tested for hips and elbows dysplasia. Every 18 months, our dogs'eyes are tested by an ophtalmologist vet and undergo the DNA tests (PRA-EIC-CNM-NARC-HNPK- RD/OSD).

Bitches are selected on their maternal qualities, to ensure a good psychological balance of future puppies.

We inform you that all inquiries regarding the purchase of a puppy, you should complete this form enclosed. We wish our customers to understand that buying a puppy is a deliberate act which is bound to involve the whole family. Our puppies should only become pets to owners with a sense of responsibility and availability. No puppy should be acquired in the event of a compulsive purchase, as might be the case during the Christmas Season, when ephemeral gifts are sometimes offered. Persons in too much of a hurry are kindly requested to abstain. Your understanding will be appreciated.