Welcome your puppy at home


Suddenly thrown into an unknown world, the puppy who has just left his mother is frightened. He is looking for her and he moans. He should then be put in trust for it acclimates easily to his new home and he is committed to his new master. Your family probably knows that you have purchased a puppy. Let it arrive in a calm and get to know his new life's place without the crowds of grandparents, neighbors and friends for his first day ! The "little hairball" will stay with you for several years, and everyone will have the opportunity to see and cuddle (not too much) later. Any overexcitement that would represent for him a future model for addressing to humans.


Upon his arrival you have to show to your puppy that you have a place reserved in a quiet place, away from places of passage and it will serve him as a refuge. The everyday of your baby dog is punctuated by frequent periods of sleep, interspersed with moments of enlightenment. These rest needed to continue its growth, must be respected by all (be very strict with the children on this point).
Urinating on the floor in his leisurely strolls, can have a calming effect on the puppy.. This relieves an emotion, a voltage proven, then continue more quietly his discoveries of the house. So if he urinates, wear him outside if possible, especially without scold. The tiny is not yet able to control himself and he would be afraid of your miff incomprehensible to him. The get them to understand that you want him to withhold, to do his needs more later and outside rather than in the home , the first great learning for him to do.
And as for what you expect from him is patience and indulgence that you will have to evince.





Once it has found its way into the house, the puppy can begin to explore the places you plan to let him take. This step will be done at his speed, it is important not to rush things. Moderate the children if you have ones, teach them that this little fellow is not a toy, but just a baby dog may be a little fearful and that must be respected.


Good to know


A puppy needs immediately an organization of behaviors of each human with him and of rules of cohabitation. This is structuring and reassuring for him if these rules are clearly laid down by the whole family group: what is permitted and forbidden for today will be also for tomorrow and everyone would be observed the same cumstances.
Understand that a puppy needs your help to adapt to your daily life and your expectations, because lead a life of human near you is nothing "natural" for him ... you realize that the behavioral repertoire of his species, it does not have a model of environment of understanding human life and therefore no behaviors ready to adapt to it !





For his first meals, you must serve him the same food that he used to eat amongst his breeder's.
As it will be less lost ! If you then want to change his diet, you need to gradually transition a food to another during a week. Otherwise, you will almost automatically see the occurrence of diarrheas.




Thanks to Katia Mestrude from Coach and Dog